Texting Socrates

Here are some highlights from the dialogues you sent me.



Socrates  @phaedrus writing is all lies. Anything can be written
Phaedrus @socrates I heard dat

Sacrates- The trees stopped talking to me. I miss the good old days.

Phaedrus- how do you even?

Sacrates- People lie when they write, no one has ever lied by word of mouth.

Phaedrus- K.

You’re just making stuff up…

People used to like hearing stuff instead of reading.

Socrates: Wouldja just throw your pizza in the oven and ignore it? No dawg. Ur house would be blazin…

Pheadrus:  Smh….

Socrates: Writing can’t defend itself when you berating it.

Phaedrus: yeah cause it ain’t alive.