Infographic Planning Questions

Answer the following questions in a post on a new page on your blog, titled Infographic. We’ll also post your final infographic and reflection here.

1.  What topic (misconception) are you considering for your research project and why?

2.  In one sentence, state the goal of your infographic as it relates to the misconception you’ve chosen. What is it supposed to show?

3.  Who will be the intended audience for your infographic. (Think specifically here. Don’t just say “Anyone who is interested in…”)

4. Lessig writes that good remixes deliver a more powerful message than any original source or than text alone. How will your infographic accomplish this? Why will it be more persuasive to your audience than the individual sources you read?

5.  Which one or two infographics from the course text would you like to use as an example for your own work? Why?

6.  Make a detailed list of the data and information that you need to find and consider some ideas for the types of sources you might look for. The more developed this section is, the better you will be able to use your library time on Friday.

Conclude your post by asking for specific feedback from readers. What questions could your peers answer that would help you improve your idea or your research agenda?