Blog 5 POW

This week’s POW goes to Kenton’s post, “Trigger Fingers Turn to Twitter Fingers,” a clever title that he takes from a Drake song he quotes for us. Not only does Kenton’s post catch our attention right away from a summary of a rap battle, he uses that battle and the song lyrics that ensued to make important points about why this kind of fighting, trolling, and other obnoxious behavior happens on Twitter.

Drake says, “trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers” and follows two lines later saying, “I’m not the type of n**** that’ll type to n****s”. What he is saying here is how the people nowadays are to scared to confront one another and turn to the internet as a form of vigilant protection, but he is not scared. This is very true. On the internet, anyone may say whatever they want and never reap any physical consequences. Why do we feel the need to do this however? Why speak outrageously on the web, then hold solemn in public?

Kenton then answers this question with two key points. And the way he designs those points to stand out to us enhances the already excellent design of his blog. If you haven’t looked at it yet, check it out. It’s a work of art and incorporates text, visuals, and even music incredibly well. Keep up the good work, Kenton!