Blog 2 POW

This weeks POWs exemplify why we do a blogging project and how useful commenting can be.

The first post is Mitchell’s: Have Copyrighting and Trademarking Gone Too Far?? In it, Mitchell asks us to think about the potential limitations of restricting copyright too much, particularly in terms of creativity.

This is not to say that today’s youth cannot be creative, but it is more difficult and their are many hoops to jump through, sometimes requiring large sums of money to be paid.

Mitchell helpfully, though, gives us a workaround to paying all that money by including a YouTube video that explains how to get permission to use various kinds of sources. So, one of the reasons I love your blogs is that we get great new resources like this one: 

(Also check out the great questions at the end of Mitchell’s post!)

The other thing that I love about blogging is that it exposes us to different viewpoints. In the week’s other POW, Is Remixing Right?, Chandler asks us to think about the opposite point of view. What if it were our own work being stolen?

It is this balance that is all to important in a capitalistic society where new innovations can improve the lives of millions while copy-cats attempt to make a quick buck. So how would you feel if someone were to take your work and make millions?

Taken together, I think these two posts ask us to think about how we define what is creative and what is truly new from two different perspectives–both valuable contributions to our thinking on this topic!