Blog Requirement Reminders

You will post your first blogs for Thursday. Here are just a few reminders about the requirements and tips we talked about last week to help you get started. Remember: the purpose of the blog assignment is to give usĀ your take on any of the topics we’ve discussed the previous week. For this first post, any of our previous readings are up for grabs.
Here are the requirements:
-a reference to and direct quote from at least one course reading
-a link to and summary of an outside source
-a second link, image, video, etc.

And here are some tips for good blogging:
-write a clear title
-try to catch our attention right away with an interesting opening
-use in-line links when linking to other sources
-end with questions that you’d like people to respond to in the comments

Check out the “About Blogging” document on Moodle for more information. Can’t wait to read your posts on Thursday! (Bonus if you’ve read this far! The first person to comment on this post will get to choose the music for our first blog day.)