Blog 7 POW

This week’s POWs come from Austin and Dimitris, and both give us excellent reminders about what makes for an interesting post as we approach the last few weeks of blogging.

Austin’s post starts out by catching our attention with an excellent title: Glory Not the Only Thing Athletes Get. It’s an unanswered question that made me want to read more. Austin then develops his post using a smart structure: he gives an overview of the topic of harassment using readings from the course, then he dives into a specific example of how athletes are harassed on Twitter:

Well, turn to this past weekend’s big rivalry game between #12 Michigan and #7 Michigan State. Michigan punter Blake O’Neil dropped a potential game-sealing punt that led to a Michigan State scoop and score to cap a jaw-dropping win for the Spartans. As a result, O’Neil received plenty of harsh remarks and death threats…

Austin follows up this example with visuals that make the post pop and give further examples of his argument. And, of course, he ends with questions for his reader.

Dimitris’s post, “Online Games and Harassment,” also uses excellent visuals. In fact, that’s been a strength of Dimitris’s blog throughout the quarter, so if you’re wondering how to incorporate more visuals, check out his previous work. Dimitris explains a gaming study that gives more depth to our conversation about online harassment:

3 different Halo 3 accounts were set up with female prerecorded voices controlled by 3 players of different skill. The reactions of other players were recorded and the results were surprising.

He goes on to using a subheading to offer us a “So What” and several intriguing questions. His question pose somewhat of a chicken and egg debate about online harassment vs. real life harassment and prompted several thoughtful comments–the goal of these posts!