Digital Exercise 2: Live Tweet

Live Tweet Storify

Boasting over 340 million tweets per day, Twitter has shaped the way we interact, share news, and voice our opinions in a digital age. This assignment will give you an opportunity to see what it’s like to write for—and potentially interact with—people on Twitter. In our next assignment, you’ll analyze conversations on Twitter. This assignment is designed to first immerse you in Twitter by asking you to tweet about and reflect on a live event.

For this assignment, you will compose at least seven tweets during a live event. You will then use Storify to compile those tweets and other web resources into a story of the event. Finally, you will write a brief reflection on the assignment. (You will need both Twitter and Storify accounts to complete this assignment. You do not need a smartphone to tweet.)

1. Select a live event to attend and tweet about. Your live event may not be a class. It could be a lecture, a performance, a sporting event, or a significant live television event, such as a Presidential debate, awards show, or major sporting event.

2. During the event, compose at least seven tweets. Use any hashtags appropriate to the event as well as our course hashtag. Tweets should conform to the guidelines of productive live tweeting discussed in class.

3. After the event, compile your tweets using Storify. Create a headline and description and post your tweets chronologically, along with other tweets related to that event and other media sources, including Facebook posts, YouTube videos, or webpages. Your Storify should include all of your tweets and at least two additional sources/links.

4. Post your Storify to your blog by 10/22 and compose a brief (100-200 word) reflection on this assignment. Successful reflections will address the following questions:

  • What was it like to tweet during an event? What did it add to your experience? What did it take away?
  • To what extent did tweeting and compiling your tweets change your perception of the event you attended or viewed?
  • On a larger scale, what are potential benefits of people live tweeting events?
  • What events are especially suited to live tweeting? Are there any drawbacks? Any unsuitable events?
  • What did you learn about tweeting or Twitter from this assignment?


live tweet assessment image


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