Infographic Peer Review Questions

Use these questions to guide your peer review of your partner’s materials. You should write your answer as a comment to their post. You may use numbered answers or bullets if that’s easier.

Bib Board
1. Make sure that your partner has met the following requirements

  • has at least eight pins
  • uses credible sources for at least eight of the pins
  • includes at least three scholarly sources
  • has a 2-3 sentence caption for each pin

Note any requirements that the board doesn’t meet.

2. How would you rate the quality of the captions? Do they provide a clear summary of the source and describe how the source is relevant to the project? Which captions could use improvement?

3. What research (either types of research or content) seems to be missing from the board? What sources would you recommend that the writer add before submitting the final project?

4. What one, specific thing could the writer do to improve the Bib Board before submitting it?

Infographic Peer Review
1. In one or two sentences, what is your main take away from this infographic? What did you learn?

2. How did you learn that from the infographic? Which parts were easy to interpret and understand at-a-glance?

3. Which parts of the infographic are unclear or potentially misleading? Where do you, as a viewer, need more information or more context?

4. How effective is the overall design? Are there places where the infographic seems too cluttered? Colors that don’t make sense? Elements that seem to float off by themselves?

5. What are two specific things the designer can do to improve the infographic before submitting the final project?