Blog 7 POW

I’m featuring two blogs this week that both add to the conversations we had about spreadable media and showcase other good blogging practices.

The first POW is Zach’s post, “A Rose-Hulman Student Does Research on Clickbait. What He Discovers Will Leave You Speechless!” For a traditional post, it might seem like a long title, but for this post it’s perfect! It mocks his topic in a fun way that drew a lot of attention to his post this week. Titles are important! Zach also did a great job of linking us to a lot of interesting media–a video, an article, and an infographic.

The second POW is Josh’s post, “Living Life in the Fast Lane.” I chose Josh’s post because he answers a question I didn’t even know I had! (And the question that Kyle raised, too.) How long do viral fads last? The answer is about 2-3 days, and Josh helps us understand why:

Viral media, as we now know is engineered to be popular and encourage viewers to share, but it seems people get quickly bored and throw out what they’ve seen for the next latest and greatest thing. One could argue that there is a direct connection to the more shares something gets the more likely it is to die off quicker.

Basically, as soon as something gets shared a lot, the emotional impact and the “cool” factor wear off.

The question we’ll be asking tomorrow is how do some viral trends–like the Ice Bucket Challenge–remain cool. (Pun totally intended.)


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