Digital Advocacy Project

Think of this project as a final exam—your chance to show off what you’ve learned in the course. You have created a blog, memes, an infographic, various social media products, and a short video. You have considered yourself as a digital writer as well as why others go online and what motivates them to write, share, and act once they’re there. You know how to write, create, edit, remix, and design in digital environments. Now, it’s time to put all of that theory and practice together and create spreadable media of your own.

Draw on your studies and performances so far to produce a spreadable advocacy piece on the topic and in the digital medium of your choice. We’ll talk about what constitutes advocacy in class, but in general, you’ll want to consider a specific issue that is important to you and a specific action that you want a specific audience to take. After you’ve given some thought to the action you’d like to encourage in your audience, the other key part is to choose an appropriate medium for your work and the strategies you will use to make your message spreadable.

You will be given the opportunity to justify your choices to me in a one-page (single-spaced) Project Rationale memo, so your choices need to be deliberate and based on our course readings and discussions. Your memo should include description of and justifications for 1.) your topic, audience, and action 2.) your choice of medium and content and 3.) the choices you made, based on course concepts, that will make your project spreadable.

The range for this project is wide open: a short video, a podcast, a photo essay, a meme, a performance (flash mob, anyone?!) that you record and distribute…you’re only limited by your imagination. I will work with you to determine an appropriate length/amount/etc. for your project.

You may choose to do this assignment individually, in pairs, or in groups of three. But, the bigger the group, the bigger the project must be. You will need to justify the size of your group to me. Each project will receive one grade.

This assignment, worth 20% of your grade, will be assessed using the rubric found on Moodle. You will share your work with your classmates in a Digital Advocacy Fair on 11/12 and 11/13. Submit your final project and evidence of its spreadability on your blog. Submit a hardcopy of your project rationale.


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