Twitter Vs. Zombies

1. From the end of class Monday to the beginning of class Thursday, you must tweet at least ten times. Those ten tweets can be inside or outside of the game and can be original content or retweets of things you find interesting on Twitter.

2. A ZOMBIE can #bite (to attack) once every 30 mins. A #bite can only be sent to a player who has been active on Twitter in the last 30 mins.

3. A HUMAN can #dodge (protect yourself) once per hour and #swipe (protect someone else) once per hour.

4. When you are bitten, you have five mins to reply to the ZOMBIE with #dodge or have another player reply to you and the zombie with #swipe. A turned HUMAN must update the Twitter vs. Zombies Scoreboard by changing his/her status to ZOMBIE.

4. Update the scoreboard every time roles change.

Anatomy of an action tweet:[.@name(s)] [body of tweet with action tag #bite, #dodge, or #swipe playfully inserted] [course #tag]

Example of a bite/dodge:
@DigiWriMo attacks: “.@moocmooc I #bite you! #TvsZ
@moocmooc dodges: “.@DigiWriMo No you don’t. I have not used #dodge in an hour. #TvsZ

Example of a bite/swipe:
@DigiWriMo attacks: “.@moocmooc What’s that lump on your neck? Is that some kind of #bite? #TvsZ
@Jessifer defends: “.@DigiWriMo @moocmooc I #swipe your hungry beak. [pets @moocmooc] #TvsZ

Remember not to just start a tweet with @someone because it restricts who can view to live tweet

Feel free to tweet me (@sarah3summers) with any questions as you’re playing the game.


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