Pinning .pdfs on Pinterest

Many of you have asked me about pinning .pdfs on Pinterest. That’s the trickiest part of this assignment because Pinterest doesn’t always let you pin things without obvious images. (Sometimes it does, though!) But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it work! Of course, Pinterest in better for sites with visuals, like Popular Mechanics, but there are ways to pin other research, too. Here are my ideas. If you have other ways to get around this problem, post them in the comments!

1. If you go through a database, pin from the page prior to the .pdf. There, you can usually pin an image of the journal or the database. Then, in the pin itself, you can reference the title of the .pdf and the other required information.

2. Use this plug-in for the Chrome browser, which lets us pin .pdfs: This tutorial explains how to use Shot Pin.

3. Post the .pdf to your blog with an associated image (or post it as an image or screenshot) and pin from your blog site.

What are some other options?


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